Santo Nino
"The more you honor Me, the more I will bless you."


January 26, 2019

Mass 10 A.M.

   The Feast of the Holy Infant Jesus - SANTO NIÑO FIESTA - celebration will be on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at  St. Justin Martyr Church. 
  Mass will be followed by the Rosary procession, Sinulog traditional devotional dancing with the Santo Nino statues, and a luncheon and program in O’Connor Parish Hall.


You are all invited to actively participate by attending the Mass and reception, and by bringing your image of the Holy Infant Jesus.  (Please label it with your name for easy identification.)

You may bring a donation or bring your favorite dish to share with everyone.

"Viva Santo Niño!"


Novena Schedule


Date Place Time
Wed., Jan. 16 church 5:45 pm
Thurs., Jan. 17 chapel 6:30 pm
 Fri., Jan. 18 chapel 6:30 pm
Sat., Jan.19 chapel 6:30 pm
Sun., Jan. 20   chapel 6:30 pm
Mon., Jan. 21 chapel 6:30 pm
Tues., Jan. 22 chapel 6:30 pm
Wed., Jan. 23 church 5:45 pm
Thurs., Jan.24 chapel 6:30 pm