The family of a young girl turning fifteen (from the Spanish number "quince") may choose to have a coming of age celebration symbolizing the traditional belief that the young girl is becoming a young woman. The quinceañera, or the girl that has turn fifteen years old, is brought to the presence of our Lord by her parents for a Thanksgiving Mass to offer God her youth and seek our Lady's guidance in this new stage of her life. 

To keep this cultural tradition alive and instill the importance of thanking God for the gift of life we have group Mass Quinceañeras once a month and Individual Quinceañeras.  

Requirements: We ask that the quinceañera-to-be must have already received her First Communion. Please fill out and return the application form to the Parish Office along with a copy of the First Communion certificate at least 3 months in advance from the desired date.

Group Quinceañeras 

  • Once a month at St. Justin Martyr (see calendar dates below)
  • Limit of 5 Quinceañeras per date
  • Total cost $350, with $50 deposit (non-refundable)
  • Provide Baptism and First Communion Certificates 


**As always do not book anything until you have confirmed your application and date with the Parish Office.**

Individual Quinceañeras

  • At St. Justin Martyr Church and Sacred Heart Mission
  • Total cost $1320 (in cash), 50% refunded upon cancellation - total payment due upon submitting application. 
  • Provide Baptism and First Communion Certificates
  • Available times: 10 a.m., 12 p.m., and 2 p.m.

Group Quinceañeras Calendar

Masses are at  Saint Justin Martyr Church at 12 noon except if stated otherwise 

October 15

November 5

December 17


January 21, 2017

February 18

March 18

April 22

May 27

June 17

July 15

August 19

September 23