E-mail and Text Message Warning

If you have an e-mail account, you know that there are many people attempting to rob you of your money or personal information. The best thing to do is immediately delete any e-mail you think is suspicious.

Recently, some parishioners received an e-mail that looked like it was from me asking for financial help for someone I knew who was sick. It was very clever how they had used the first part of my e-mail but attached it to a different e-mail service. It reminds me that I always have to be vigilant with e-mails coming into my in-box. Now the same thing has happened with someone sending out text messages to parishioners, claiming to be me and asking for money for someone in the hospital.

We priests do not solicit funds for personal reasons from parishioners. If you receive an e-mail or text message from any one of us asking for funds or gift cards, please immediately send it to your junk mail file or delete the text. Also, please contact the Parish Office to let us know right away.

Fr. Joe