Alianza de Amor

Alianza de Amor, or Covenant of Love, meets on Fridays at St. Justin Martyr Church.

The Covenant of Love with the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is in the Church an international association for the lay people with Papal decree. Knowing that we are called to live in fulfillment our baptismal promises intimately with Jesus, making sacred every day life by joining in his offering with the purpose of glorifying the Father, always with Mary for the salvation of men and the sanctification of the priests. We let ourselves be known by the testimony of our life and apostolic deeds, working for the transformation of the realities of our temporal world, family, culture, politics, etc. Loving Jesus in his most intimate sorrows and console his heart. 

Family Prayer:

Holy Father, in union with Mary, we offer you your Son, Jesus Christ, priest and victim, to reach your grace in favor of all marriage couples, the fathers and mothers of families. Grant us faith, love, purity, forgiveness, peace, union, fidelity, work and health.
Moved by the Holy Spirit we too offer ourselves to you, like a permanent offering, in union with Jesus, in every circumstance of our life, imploring your grace and mercy for the Church, priests, our own family and for all the families in the world.