The Lord's Vineyard


The Lord's Vineyard is a Catholic Community of people abiding in Him through worship, uniting with Him and with one another in fellowship, nurturing in His way of life through discipleship, growing into maturity through ministry, and bearing fruits in mission for His vineyard.

As a family of Faith the Lord's Vineyard has weekly study groups to share their common beliefs, purposes, and commitment to God's wish to see all of us grow in fellowship.

The five purposes of The Lord's Vineyard:

1. Worship: We are planned for God's purpose
2. Fellowship: We were formed for God's family
3. Discipleship: We were created to become like Christ
4. Ministry: We were shaped for serving God
5. Mission: We were made for a Mission

The Lord's Vineyard meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month at St. Justin Martyr.

Coordinator: Rico Lagman. E-mail

To learn more please visit The Lord's Vineyard