Liturgy Ministries

These ministries are heavily engaged in everything and anything related to the Masses and liturgical services.  Those involved in liturgical ministries provide their services to assist in a variety of ways, including the planning and set up of Masses and other liturgies, as well as their assistance during and afterwards. 

Liturgy Ministries include: Altar Servers, Altar Society, Choirs, Greeters, Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors and Ushers.

See description below for each Ministry.

If you would want to be part of any of these Ministries, please contact the parish office at 714-774-2595 or by email

Altar Servers

Altar Servers are adults, girls, and boys who assist the celebrant at the altar throughout the week during ceremonies such as the celebration of Masses, weddings, and funerals.  Training is provided for those interested.


Boys and girls must be in grade 4 or above up and have received their First Communion. 

Training is scheduled several times throughout the year for the English and Spanish Masses.
Please call the parish office for training dates. 

After the training, altar servers will be scheduled to serve on a team that serves on a rotating schedule at Mass time of their choice.  Altar servers can also choose to be scheduled for either the English or Spanish Masses. 

Altar Society

The Altar Society cleans the vessels used during Mass and cleans the furniture in the sanctuary area.  Their general cleaning day is on Monday mornings. If you would like to volunteer please contact the parish office.


Singing at Mass helps enable the congregation to participate more fully in the liturgy.  We have different choirs that uplift the liturgy with their song, including:

Adult Choir - Sings at 11:00 am Sunday Mass and Holy days.
Children's Choir - Sings once a month at the 12:30 pm Mass.
Young Adult Choir - Sings at 5:30 pm Sunday Mass.

Parish Music Director: Antoinette Miraflor.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

These are women and men who assist in administering the Holy Eucharist during Mass.  The ministers are volunteers and are trained in the proper and reverent handling and distribution of the body and blood of Christ.

Several of our Extraordinary Ministers also take communion to the sick, elderly, and homebound parishioners within our parish boundaries.  These women and men bring comfort to the sick and dying by bringing to them the Body of Christ, and extending the community celebration of the Eucharist from the church to their homes, care facilities, or hospitals.   EMHC's are scheduled at the Mass times they prefer to attend.


The greeters are women and men volunteers who help create a welcoming spirit at the parish by greeting and welcoming parishioners and guests as they enter the church for Saturday evening and Sunday Mass. 



Lectors proclaim the word of God to the congregation at Masses and other liturgical services. It is through them that the word of God is brought forth into the ears and hearts of the people attending Mass. 

Training is provided for those who are interested. Lectors are scheduled at the Mass times they prefer to attend.  

Liturgy Committee

The liturgy of the Church is the source and summit of worship for the Church. To that end the Liturgy Committee discusses, studies, plans and coordinates the liturgies of the parish so that all may fully engage as a worshiping community to actively participate in our liturgy celebrations.

Under the direction of a priest, the Liturgy Committee meets monthly and consists of our parish priests, deacons, as well as parishioners and representatives from liturgical ministries.  


The ushers help priests and parishioners at Mass by aiding in preparing the church for Mass, greeting and seating people as they arrive, taking up collections, finding and assigning gift bearers, facilitating the reception of the Holy Eucharist, distributing any literature as needed, passing out the bulletins after Mass and closing up the church after Mass if needed.  These women and men also assist in case of emergencies and help ensure the sanctity and dignity of church services.