Filipino Community
"To promote, foster, and solidify Filipinos in the parish, to be actively engaged, collaborate with other ethnic groups in support of the mission, goals and objectives of the parish and to preserve our ethnic identity through promotion of Filipino culture and traditions"
Our Mission:
The Filipino community strives to foster love, cooperation, and unity among the members of the Filipino community, and to preserve Filipino religious traditions, culture, and moral values.It strives to strengthen the faith and devotion to the Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Contribution: 
The community helps in fundraising campaigns for St. Justin Martyr Parish and School, and extends moral, physical, spiritual, and financial support to the needy.

Religious Traditions:
There are two most celebrated liturgical traditions that Filipinos hold dear to their hearts, the "Simbang Gabi" Advent Masses which are celebrated the nine days preceding Christmas and the Feast of the Santo Niño (Holy Infant Jesus) celebrated every January.

In 1990 the Filipino community established the Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help at St. Justin Martyr Parish and since have been attending this devotion every Wednesday evening. 

We held our first ever Salubung on the Easter morning of April 16, 2017. Salubong (Tagalog for “meeting”) is a traditional Filipino devotion that reenacts the encounter of the risen Christ with His Mother. We look forward in making this annual Filipino tradition part of St. Justin Martyr Parish. 

We Welcome You:
New Filipino parishioners are encouraged to register and reap the benefits of being connected with the Filipino community at St. Justin Martyr Church.