"Committed to spreading the Gospel message utilizing a specific method and strategy of developing Christian communities and fostering Christian growth (knowing, loving and serving) to continue to change our environment for Christ"



Cursillo is a lay movement in the Catholic Church which has the approval of Bishop Vann in Orange County and Pope Francis in Rome. Cursillo is worldwide with over 6 million Catholics in over 200 countries who have lived a 3 day retreat (or Cursillo which is Spanish word meaning a short course in Christianity). Cursillo began in Spain as a way to reflect on and enrich their personal spiritual formation and promote evangelization. Many people say the retreat is unlike any other they have been on. Even if this is your first retreat, you could not have made a better choice. We gather together as a group every three months for an evening of food and fellowship in the St Justin Martyr Hall.

We currently have 3 Cursillo groups that meet at St. Justin Martyr:

  • English Cursillo meets about twice a year: Contact Kim
  • Filipino Cursillo which became the first Filipino Cursillo in the Diocese of Orange
  • Spanish Cursillo "Cursillos de Cristiandad" meets every Friday at St. Justin at 6 pm in the Faith room.