Hermandad-Brotherhood of St. Dismas

Dismas: the penitent thief with Jesus on the Cross.

Who we are?:

The Brotherhood of St. Dismas is a group of Catholic men who come together and encourage each other to live out a life faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Conversion of Heart:
Our Lord Jesus Christ call us for a conversion of heart, to abandon sin and follow him. 

We centralize in the Sacraments to enable us to continue in our journey. If we fall, our Lord- through our fellow brothers, lift us back up again.

The Brotherhood of St. Dismas has a special interest in reaching out to those who have been incarcerated or have been involved in gangs or drugs. We seek to bring them hope of a different way of life away from sin and temporal pleasures. 


Outward acts of charity gives testimony of our way of life. We believe in serving our community through the needs of the parish.

We welcome all men 17 years and older. 

Weekly Meetings: Monday night at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Center Chapel.